EC 413 Computer Organization - Fall 2017

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes will be posted in advance to lectures so you can print and bring them to class:

  • L-01: A brief history of computer systems [pdf]
  • L-02: Information and numeric representations [pdf]
  • L-2s: Information and numeric representations - Supplement [pdf]
  • L-03: C/C++ language review: Functions, Recursions, Pointers [pdf]
  • L-04: Stack and Heap Structures [pdf]
  • L-05: Program compilation process [pdf]
  • L-06: Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) [pdf]
  • L-07: MIPS Assembly Language [pdf]
  • L-08: Assembly Language Programming [pdf]
  • L-09: Computer Component Primitives [pdf]
  • L-R1: Review I - Lectures L01-L08 [pdf]
  • L-10: Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and register files [pdf]
  • L-11: Central Processing Unit (CPU) Organization [pdf]
  • L-12: CPU: Processor Pipelining [pdf]
  • L-13: CPU: Structural, data and control hazards [pdf]
  • L-14: CPU: Hazard Resolution [pdf]
  • L-15: CPU: Performance Evaluation [pdf]
  • L-R2: Review II - Lectures L09-L15 [pdf]
  • L-16: Introduction to Memory [pdf]
  • L-17: Caching Principles [pdf]
  • L17s: Caching Principles - Supplement [pdf]
  • L-18: Cache Structures and Performance [pdf]
  • L-19: Memory Mapped I/O and Interrupt Handling [pdf]
  • L-20: Introduction to Virtual Memory [pdf]
  • L-21: Processor Performance Analysis Revisited [pdf]
  • L-R3: Review III - Lectures L16-L21 [pdf]

These lecture notes are presented to ensure timely dissemination of the course material. Some of the slides contain material developed, copyrighted and/or taught by Arvind (MIT), Srinivas Devadas (MIT), Martin Herbordt (BU) and others.