SUMMER CHALLENGE: Electrical Engineering

Summer 2017 - Smart Lighting

Lecture Notes

  • L-01: Introduction [pdf]
  • L-02: Circuits, Signals and the Analog Discovery Board [pdf]
  • L-2s: Brief History [pdf]
  • L-03: Basic Circuits [pdf]
  • L-04: LEDs [pdf]
  • L-4s: Photodiodes and VLC [pdf]
  • L-05: Soldering and PCB [pdf]
  • L-06: Analog Transmission [pdf]
  • L-07: Digital Transmission [pdf]
  • L-08: VLC Applications [pdf]
  • L-SP: Student Presentations [pdf]

These lecture notes are presented to ensure timely dissemination of the course material. Some of the slides contain material developed, copyrighted and/or taught by Prof. Thomas Little, Dr. Tarik Borogovac, Dr. Michael Rahaim, Mr. Jimmy C. Chau, Dr. Hany Elgala, Mr. Ben Moll, Mr. David Tran and others.