EC 513 Computer Architecture - Spring 2018

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes will be posted in advance to lectures so you can print and bring them to class:

  • L-00: Computer Architecture Overview [pdf]
  • L-01: Influence of Technology and Software on Instruction Sets [pdf]
  • L-02: Intel Pin introduction [pdf]
  • L-03: Single-cycle ISA Implementation using RISC-V [pdf]
  • L-04: Pipelining and Hazards [pdf]
  • L-05: Hazard Resolution [pdf]
  • L-06: Complex Pipelining: Superscalar [pdf]
  • L-07: Complex Pipelining: VLIW [pdf]
  • L-08: Branch Prediction [pdf]
  • L-09: SIMD and Vector Processors [pdf]
  • L-10: Multithreading [pdf]
  • L-11: GPU Architectures [pdf]
  • L-12: Cache Organization [pdf]
  • L-13: Advanced Memory Operations [pdf]
  • L-14: Modern Virtual Memory [pdf]
  • L-15: Synchronization and Sequential Consistency [pdf]
  • L-16: Cache Coherence - Snoopy Cache Coherence [pdf]
  • L-17: Cache Coherence - Directory Cache Coherence [pdf]
  • L-18: On-chip Network Architectures [pdf]
  • L-19: On-chip Networking [pdf]

These lecture notes are presented to ensure timely dissemination of the course material. Some of the slides contain material developed, copyrighted and/or taught by others.