EC 700 Hardware and Systems Security

Fall 2018

Lecture Notes

Lecture notes will be posted in advance to lectures so you can print and bring them to class:

  • L-01: Introduction to cybersecurity: Cyber attacks examples [pdf]
  • L-02: Application level attacks: Code injection, Buffer Overflow, Control-Flow Hijacking [pdf]
  • L-03: Classic and Modern encryption algorithms: AES, RSA, Hash, MAC, digital signatures, etc. [pdf]
  • L-04: Hardware Security Primitives: Physical unclonable functions, Oblivious RAM, Circuit obfuscation, Hardware Trojans [pdf]
  • L-05: Distributed Trustworthy Systems: Distributed Key Management, Authentication, Confidentiality [pdf]
  • L-06: Secure Computing: Secure Multiparty Computation, Homomorphic Computation [pdf]
  • L-07: Secure Architecture Design Concepts: Isolation, Obfuscation, Attestation [pdf]
  • L-08: Memory Integrity, Cache Side-Channel, Secure Boot, Trusted OS [pdf]
  • L-09: Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) [pdf]
  • L-10: ARM TrustZone Technology and Derived Processor Architectures [pdf]
  • L-11: Apple Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) and Underlining Design Principles [pdf]
  • L-12: Secure Processor Design - MIT Aegis, Ascend, and Sanctum [pdf]
  • L-13: Secure Processor Design - BU Hermes and Sphinx [pdf]
  • L-14: Secure Machine Learning Accelerators [pdf]
  • L-15: Issues related to Secure IC supply chain management [pdf]

These lecture notes are presented to ensure timely dissemination of the course material. Some of the slides contain material developed, copyrighted and/or taught by others.