EK132 E5 Introduction to Engineering - Fall 2016

From Heart Monitoring to Kinect Gaming: Seeing the Invisible

Class Syllabus

The general format of the course consists of some regular lectures, some hybrid lectures with hands-on experiments, and an end-of-course project.
Grading Policy
  • Problem Sets: 20%
  • Laboratory Assignments: 30%
  • In-class Participation: 20%
  • Project: 30%
Missed Class Policy

A major component of the course is in-class discussions, hands-on experiments and project presentation. Missing classes will negatively impact your final grade. In the event of a missed class, you are responsible for obtaining copies of lecture slides from the course web site and any class notes from classmates.

Late Submission Policy

Problem sets or laboratory assignments or course project submitted after the due date/time are considered late and will not be graded. Late submissions will only be graded in cases of documented emergencies.


Discussion of course material and collaboration with other students is encouraged but each student must write/type and submit his/her own solution. Your essays, code and proofs (if applicable) should never contain sections which are identical to the submission of another student, past or present. Submitted work must be entirely that of the student(s) whose name(s) appear(s) on the submission and not solicited in any way from others. Violation of these policies can result in automatic failure of the course.

Please refer to the Boston University’s policy on academic dishonesty.
Tentative Schedule
Monday Wednesday

Oct 24 - L01

Introduction to Engineering

M. Kinsy

Problem Set 1

Oct 26 - L02

A brief history of computer systems

Hands-on activity: Programming environments

M. Kinsy

Oct 31 - L03

Introduction to programming with C#

Hands-on activity: System programming

M. Kinsy

Problem Set 1 DUE

Laboratory Assignment 1

Nov 2 - L04

Information representation: Bit, Byte, ...

Hands-on activity: Base conversion programming

M. Kinsy

Nov 7 - L05

Functions, Recursions, Pointers

Hands-on activity: robotics programming

M. Kinsy

Nov 9 - L06

Active Programming

Hands-on activity: Active Programming

M. Kinsy

Laboratory Assignment 1 DUE

Problem Set 2

Nov 14 - L07

Signals sensing and data processing: Analog and Digital

Hands-on activity: Heart sensing and monitoring

M. Kinsy

Nov 16 - L08

Electronics components: resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, RC circuits, KVL, KCL

Hands-on activity: Heart sensing and monitoring breadboard based design I

M. Kinsy

Problem Set 2 DUE

Laboratory Assignment 2

Nov 21 - L09

Combinational and sequential logic

Hands-on activity: Heart sensing and monitoring breadboard based design II

M. Kinsy

Nov 23 - L10

Introduction to embedded systems: Microsoft Kinect System

Hands-on activity: Understanding of the Kinect programming environment

M. Kinsy

Nov 28 - L11

Student-led group forming

M. Kinsy

Laboratory Assignment 2 DUE

Nov 30 - L12

Project ideas discussion

M. Kinsy

Dec 05 - L13

Project Activities

M. Kinsy

Dec 07 - L14

Project Presentations

M. Kinsy