Software Toolchain - The current software toolchain for compiling programs onto the hardware system supports a single-Thread C/C++ programming model. It is built around the GCC MIPS Linux cross-compiler using GNU C version 3.2.1. Therefore, for now, users need to move the compiler into a Linux environment and compile programs there before moving the binaries back into the window environment. Later releases will try to resolve this dual domain problem.

Simulation - Most of the soft testing/simulation of the hardware modules are done using ModelSim, and the default environment is set to ModelSim. So to run the GUI out of the box, ModelSim needs to be installed. Free student version of ModelSim can be downloaded here: ModelSim-PE.

FPGA - For now, user has to do the mapping onto an FPGA of their choice manually. Later releases will try to provide more automated support for common FPGAs.